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Why did we compare with these models? Apart from this, the specification, features and design remain the same. Maximum DeltaE was only 2. The VGA connection offered a decent enough picture quality, but was not quite as sharp as when using the DVI connection. In our usual testing process I viewed an all black screen in a darkened room, which allowed me to test the uniformity of the panel and to examine whether any backlight bleed was evident.

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Samsunf, the improvements in responsiveness that overdrive can offer are quite noticeable and so if you are a more serious gamer then you may want to consider some of the modern screens with response times quoted as less than 5ms the current ISO limitor where G2G figures are used instead. Become comfortable, creative and artistic.

Step back into style. We’ve added this product to our database but we haven’t actually tested it yet. The DVI interface is not HDCP certified on this model, which could cause potential issues in the future when trying to watch encrypted content. If you need a quick response then click Chat Now below, or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Colours felt good, and even to the eye you could tell they were a little more accurate than the common, cartoony vivid shades you can get on some displays out of the box.

Furthermore, the ball hinge meant that the screen felt a little flimsy at the joint, and so not as firm as other stands. Type Click to Expand. This article describes the following: The button shines with a translucent blue backlight – a warm, calming sight. This is important for users to consider, since without calibration tools, it’s hard to get the best from your screen.


The response time indicates a panel without RTC technology, we will test later whether this has any influence on responsiveness in practice.

Samsung SMB Plus Review – TFT Central

As 932h result of this, and given that the SMB Plus is lacking any RTC, the screen is probably not as suited to gaming as some other models in the market. Apart from this, the specification, features and design remain the same. I found the SMB Plus to be a nice screen for average use really, with a response time adequate for some gaming, and some average specs and ergonomics which you would expect from a modern 19″ model. If you want syncmasster to review it drop us a line and we just might bump it to the front of our reviews queue.

The contrast and black depth this screen can offer were very impressive, and so if you want syncmqster budget 19″ model, but with some decent performance for some average photo work, this would make a good choice. Newest Newest Most Views. Laptop Panel Parts Database.

Samsung SyncMaster 932B

You can therefore see a more pronounced blur to the moving car in the testing, along with a defined ‘ghost’ image, even to the syncmaser eye. I restored my graphics card to default settings and set it to its standard profile.

This should only be used as a rough guide to comparative samsujg but is handy as a way of keeping a constant test of each screen. This was certainly more impressive than I saw with another Samsung model tested recently, the SMCwhich is in fact aimed at colour enthusiasts! The screen also sits quite low down and so the lack of a height adjustment might be off-putting to some users.

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A downpayment is required for ‘Order-Basis’ items. The model is available in both black and white versions, and for this review Samsung have sent me the black version. Online Shop info. The back of the screen is rounded and looks attractive, with the connections for VGA, DVI and power tucked out of the way.

In our usual testing process I viewed an all black screen in a darkened room, which allowed me to test the syncmasrer of the panel and to examine whether any backlight bleed was evident.

Decent colour accuracy, even at default settings.

You can clearly see the improvements which RTC technologies can offer, and not only is the response time improved on paper 2ms G2G is an obvious indication that Syncmastfr is usedbut it is also improved in practice.

With its elegantly understated organic design and pure contours, it breathes a quiet, confident clarity into the digital age. The monitor features an integrated power supply meaning you eamsung need a kettle lead to power the screen. With results like this, users can feel comfortable that the SMB Plus would at least offer them some pretty decent colour accuracy, even without calibration. The specs are characteristically TN Film, with nothing staggering to offer above other current 19″ models.

The screen may well be adequate for most average users, and certainly when you consider that many users have found non-overdriven TN Film panels perfectly acceptable for some years, the SMB Plus should be fine for many prospective buyers.