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To print the manual completely, please, download it. The EQ5 is rated to last 8 hours on its rechargeable battery. The top record players to buy. The EQ5’s 1-watt-per-channel speakers are a big step up from your cell phone’s internal speaker and even some smaller internal laptop speakers. Turn your speaker system back on. I have carried this speaker with me everywhere; the car, my desk, kitchen, you name it.

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The one you’ve been waiting for.

Review: Motorola MOTOROKR EQ5 Wireless Travel Stereo Speaker

What about those of us who love to listen to music or watch movies and YouTube videos on our phones but don’t feel the equipped external speaker is adequate? The Moto EQ5 is small and light. It’s not really ideal jotorola parties, due to the lack of bass response and though it has excellent clarity on both the sending and receiving ends, it’s not ideal for phone calls in your mogorola as there is no real way to mount it anywhere, unless you just keep it in your cup holder or on the seat next to you.

The second thing I noticed right away was the nice, sleek aesthetic of the design. Best Bluetooth speakers Turn your speaker system back on. Although mid- and low-range sounds were clean and strong, we noticed distortion at maximum es5, especially during the plucked acoustic guitar intro on “Citrus” by The Hold Steady.


What made it even better was how crisp and clear the music sounded through the line-in jack, no matter what the volume level. The EQ5 won’t replace your iPod dock, but it’s not meant to. I have carried this speaker with me everywhere; the car, my desk, kitchen, you name mogorola.

I’m not typically one to pay attention to listed dimensions on websites when ordering things, unless I’m buying clothes and sometimes not even then. Periodically review this information motogola you.

Despite the lack of bass, it also provides great sound quality and volume for the size. Before using your speaker for the first.

Motorola EQ5 Wireless Stereo Speaker for iPhone, iPad | iMore

The device uses the same noise-reduction and echo-cancellation technology as found in other Motorola headsets. In many ways the two devices are well matched. The phone or music player searches for your speaker.

Discuss Motorola EQ5 portable wireless Sound quality from this type of small speaker is never very good, but at least in this set-up you do get stereo and plenty of controls. Motorola EQ5 portable wireless speaker deals. Obedezca siempre las leyes y las regulaciones sobre el uso de estos productos.


Around the back is wire kickstand. Don’t show me this message again. Page 4 while on a call When a call is active, the main indicator light slowly while on a call pulses in blue on your speaker. Continue to next page 01 Imagine taking a speaker base and making it portable. Sonos, smart assistants and stepping stones: Get Google Assistant on Motofola One if you agree to some extraordinary rules.

Gigantic-screen phone for a gigantic price. Switch between music and calls with the touch.

Motorola EQ5 portable wireless speaker

For what the device is, you can’t go wrong. Press—adjust call volume step Press and hold—adjust call volume continuous Press—mute call main Press—end call indicator light pulses in purple while muted make a call Using the speaker to make a call, you can redial the last Various models, ranging from low-quality, budget-friendly to somewhat expensive, high-end products are available from several manufactures in many different outlets, from Best Buy to ShopCrackBerry.

That is what you get with the Moto EQ5.