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Prev Page 2 of Samsung 4K , Smart. Monday, November 5, , Edition. This position allows for better heat removal away from the graphics card. A single copper heat pipe transfers heat from the core to the solid looking aluminum heatsink. Call of Duty 2 Benchmark:

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Furthermore, as you can see in this photo, the cooling fins swivel 90 degrees. ASUS has also decided not to follow the trend of having only solid capacitors for this board and there are only a couple of these higher quality capacitors onboard.

Wilent forgotten password to email. Select the item on the page that has the error. Why buy from us? You may also be interested in My father always said, “never judge a book by it’s cover” and in my humble opinion, if you purchase anything because the box looks cool, you are likely to be disappointed more times than not.

Help others choose the best products This position allows for better heat removal away from the graphics card. When the contents box is opened, everything you need is there, including a media holder for your software. Rumors will surely surround his departure, coming so soon after the acquisition. Smart Appliances Coffee machines. We will call you and advise you professionally.


The complete list of items we found are as listed below:. Again, that’s up to the individual but for us, we choose to en800gt and wait for a more worthy contender. In case you’re wondering about the difference in driver versions used, we had also double-checked asuss performance of the reference card with identical But at least, ATI’s pricing at the moment does make one pause and consider what’s really important for a graphics card.


Finally en860gt plastic shroud covers the latter half of the heatsink near the rear of the card, helping to focus any internal air flows in the chassis so that they pass through the fins and exit the chassis through the vents behind.

However, that being said, the cooling fins are not required to be turned, as the graphics card will still function if the fins are left in their original position. This heatsink has many solid and rather thick en860gt to increase the surface area for heat dissipation and not the thin flimsy fins that you’ll find on some coolers.

ASUS EN8600GTS Silent Graphics Card Review

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The firm’s beginnings date back to April 2,when as a small manufacturer of en800gt began his work with a few employees. The bright yellow plastic shroud over part of the heatsink is too garish for our taste, though it does serve a purpose of focusing the flow of air through the exit vents behind.


ASUS is a popular and well-known technology-based company that has been around for many years. No doubt, there will be fingers pointing to the delays and disappointments about the much-hyped R architecture as a possible reason for this. Welcome Stranger to OCC! Because of the thickness, you will have to open the expansion slot next to the PCI-E slot to accommodate the graphics card, which contains an air vent.

I have to admit, the cooler the packaging looks, the more I am likely to at least give it a look.

Enter link to the external review. The back of the box is standard, as it sets out all the features that one can expect. As you can see, this card uses 1. Consumers will probably appreciate the silent operation of this card along with some of the extra ASUS applications included in the bundle. QLED Experience natural colours in high resolution. Samsung 4KSmart.

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