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Originally posted by dnl2ba: Tue Dec 10, 6: Beginners Guides Cases and Access. Add three more megahertz to that and that is where we hit the wall. The main ATX power connector is in a good location to the right of the DIMM slots, however the secondary P4 power connector is located a little too close to the processor itself.

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Add three more megahertz to that and that is where we hit the wall. The only manufacturer we know of who does this currently is MSI Computer.

Albatron PX845PEV Pro

With it located at the very bottom of the motherboard, users with full tower cases like the Inwin Q will have big problems getting the drive and motherboard connected.

Originally posted by Stiletto One: With the videocard locked in, it won’t accidentally come loose in the socket while the power is on. proo

CPU ratio to xp845pev. Psh, I know you guys wish you could sp33k the Ghetto vibe. Tue Dec 10, 8: San Jose, CA Registered: Albatron have in just a short time, made their mark among enthusiasts and overclockers for producing high quality computer components.


Oct 31, Posts: Thu Dec px845prv, 7: The motherboard has this feature as witnessed by the picture in the Anandtech review. I have 2 of those boards, not ANY problems with them at all. Albatron use a newer type of AGP sliding lock to secure those several-hundered-dollar videocards in place.

Beginners Ppro Cases and Access. No matter what tweaks we pulled the board we tested just didn’t want to go any higher than MHz FSB.

Albatron Technology PX845PEV Pro Rev:800, Socket 478, Intel (PX845PEV PRO-800) Motherboard

I don’t mind too much, but it crimps one’s style when you’re 17 like me. All and all, the rest of the board layout is pretty good, and the px845prv size of the PCB will make it easy to install in cramped cases. Sep 1, Posts: Acoustically, Albatron have opted to equip the board with on board 5. I think it’s nothing new, he just misspelled pri. He wants me to get a P4 2. Wed Dec 11, 7: What is the final word?


PXPEV Pro Rev ALBATRON Motherboard Mainboard Driver Manual BIOS

What does pd845pev mean? Hmmm, I’m a bit confused as to what option to set this as, normally the ratios I see are like 5: Aric Thanks, dog, hopefully I’ll get to build this sucka soon. About Us Employment Privacy Policy. Your ratio options include 2. Don’t let that distract you though, the board has quite a few on board features.

The fan headers, of which there are three, are all in good locations and easily accessible. That’s a ratio of 2. Let us know how it goes. OK, me thinks he’s got it.