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There is no way, to my knowledge, to reverse the new messed up firmware upgrade, so my question is, HELP! Close Windows Media Player. Nick,Can you talk me through. Where do I find the original firmware? Look for the folder called “My Music” and open it with a double click.

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John on January 4, Cheers Nick, I got this player for my girlfriend and ml3 were having so many problems that I was going to have to take it back, but thatnks to your post we’re sorted!

Jo on January 4, Ensure your computers drivers esp. Active Topics Unanswered Topics. I have not had to install anything from the CD.

I did RTFM the paperwork, no luck. When I drag and drop MP3 files into the MP3 drive, it copies all files OK, but when I try to access these files from my player, it only shows half of these copied files 9 out of 19 files only.

Hey I’m having trouble even. Right click On the list, select “Format” Look down the new list. IItronics IMP MP3 Player cant get mine to be reconised by my computer, its running microsoft ME edition, but keeps telling me it needs the microsoft iitronis edition disk to repair the drivers.

Inovix Itronics IMP11 2GB Flash MP3 Player | Product overview | What Hi-Fi?

Anyway, thanks for the info Nick! On to more constructive matters. If you want to keep tracks in their own folder eg album nameyou have to put the folder onto the iMP’s drive alongside, not in, the iitrnics folder. But just wont let me put anymore songs on there.


I bought an IItronics 2GB PD MP3 player, I put all my music on it and now i can only play about 20 songs it keeps saying “level up” when i go to the other music in the folders menu. Recent comments OK, Well an old topic but.

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Your MP3 can only cope with lots of individual tracks copying onto it. Katie on December 25, Had this problem earlier, I put in. IItronics Mp3 player, trouble with folders. Eight minutes more like.

Iitronics Portable WMA / Mp3 Player Imp-65 Early Digital Music USB

Tom on December 26, IItronics IMP MP3 Player Hi, a few people have mentioned the problem about the mp3 player only showing 99 songs when there are or so actually on it.

If it is of any help to those who may have been experiencing a similar problem to that already stated of the power repeatedly switching off, I refer to the earlier post of Onka, and Dave’s advice of a similar thread. I have a slightly different problem andwonder whether anyone can shed any light on it.


Make sure that the folder you drop is a single folder, not eg an ‘album’ folder inside an ‘Artist’ folder which is what WMP gives you. By the way, to the gimp Paul who asked people to read iifronics manual, you spell ‘thoroughly’ with only one ‘u’.

Look for the folder called “My Music” and open it with a double click. However, the mp3 only recognizes the songs on Drive E and not Drive F. In order to maximise battery life, leave the equaliser set to normal and do the basic thing of taking the battery out when the player is not going to be used for a while.

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If you copy the album on without opening up the album first while it’s in the computer, your MP3 wont iitrknics it. Eight hours battery life? On the tree, as the computer recognises your MP3 player, it will do a “dong ding” and a new bit will appear on the tree: Good luck to everyone, hope you all get your problems sorted out!