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Unless you have lots of patience, and well-developed troubleshooting skills, let someome else blaze the trail for you. You cannot yet purchase a motherboard containing any of these new chipsets. When someone decides to build a new system , they first select the chipset , and build the computer around the chipset motherboard. I actually understood that. New chipsets will support both and speeds. Current boards do not support PCI Express. So what features will the Alderwood iX have?

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Precotts were made for Socket-T packaing.

Intel’s New Chipsets: Grantsdale & Alderwood, iP, iG & iX: Ye Olde Rad Blog

The two Grantsdale chipsets are the same except that the one designated ” G ” comes with onboard on the motherboard graphicsso you could save money by NOT having to purchase a separate graphics card. Rather they support PCI 2. LGA packaging will also be know as Socket-T.

When they first come outit’s usually a good idea to wait a month or two and allow someone else called “early adopters” to work out the initial kinks. That’s why they run so hot with socket packaging. Current chipsets support PAT. So that’s the one we-technolusters are really interested in.

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The new PCI Express standard is the most confusing of all the chipset’s new technologies. Quentin at May 31, Grantsdale will support and PCI Express the serial bus is faster, and supports a much greater bandwidth. I know it’s hard, but we need to be patient. The two features I want most in my next rig will be: Current chipsets max out at MHz.

Downloads for IntelĀ® Desktop Board D915GAG

DDR2 at the higher speed With so many design changes in this chipset, it might take the “early-adopters” longer to work out all the kinks. This is why a new chipset is such big news in the world of Technolusters.

DDR2 at the higher speed. The boys at Intel are fixin’ to release a new chipset next month. The bandwidth offered by this new X16 port is 4 times more than what is currently provided by AGP-8X. It is known as the “southbridge” controller hub and will support the following 5 features listed below Note: Because the chipset also called “core-logic” determines which CPUs your computer can i91p the other way around.

I’ve read that most manufacturers are going to wait on DDR2, so I’m surprised the Alderwood will require this unecessarily.


With so many design changes in this chipset, it might take the “early-adopters” longer to work out all the kinks. It means we k915p to use new toys: When someone decides to build a new systemthey first select the chipsetand build the computer around i951p chipset motherboard.

Image grabbed from Corsair.

Socket Prescotts are bad. Some sites seem to use the terms “l i nes” and “l a nes” interchangably.

I actually understood that. Poncho at May 31, I’m not sure if Alderwood will support the lowerbut it doesn’t matter because no one is likely to use this lower speed. New chipsets will support both and speeds.

See the chart at the bottom of THIS page for clarification. But both Grantsdale chipsets are merely watered down versions of the Alderwood, which is the high-performance ” rocket-sled ” of the three.

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