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Horizontal viewing angles are better with colors staying true to roughly 80 degrees in each direction. Despite this, all of the ports are positioned in a usable and sensible manner. There’s no doubt the Dell Studio 17 is a great notebook: Working in such surroundings is difficult because of reflections on the glossy finish, as you usually only see the reflection instead of the display content. As already noted, the Dell Studio seems to put a high demand on the adapter. This proves that on the inside of the case the cooling system does its job rather effectively. Dell has furnished its middle class between low-priced Inspiron notebooks and fast XPS notebooks with the Studio range.

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Dell Studio 17 Laptop Details | Dell

Merely the trial version is installed in the basic configuration, which deactivates itself after a few starts but at the latest after 30 days. On the horizontal, viewing the display from a 50 degree angle begins to falsify the colors.

The reasons behind this are the energy-inefficient components despite having a 9-cell battery with a high 85 watt-hour capacity. If it detects the notebook is dropped it will rapidly park the hard drive to help minimize damage. The right side of the chassis has a slot-loading DVD burner and Blu-ray player, which adds a touch of style to the overall design of the notebook.

This deficiency can be corrected by upgrading to the full HD x pixel display.


The bottom of the notebook has a clean appearance with a single access hatch to user-replaceable components. A teetering is almost completely missing. Dell’s Studio 17 is a 3. Gamers shouldn’t take just any HD that they can get their hands on: The strong processor and the graphic card take their toll. This shooter no longer presents a challenge for most hardware, deell the sequel Left4Dead 2 changes that picture somewhat. Without shipping and supplies. The QM is a quad-core processor with a 1.

The buttons themselves are also very good.

Dell Studio 17 Laptop

The frame rate of the other games is also slightly higher than in notebooks with a Core 2 Duo processor, even if the differences are significantly less there.

By the way, we couldn’t xell an exact alignment of our prototype on Dell’s homepage in the test period, but a similar configuration with extended service and a 9 cell battery cost a rather low euro. At least, McAfee’s Security Center lasts for 15 months before you have to buy a new license. Attentive readers might notice that we already reviewed the Dell Studio 17 last year.

All deflections stay within a green field and thus it should be possible to also work with external components without further ado.

Basically, the battery runtimes aren’t overwhelming but you can live with them.

A mixture of detail settings and AA-settings makes this game playable at HD resolutions. The strength of the battery comes out in the stress test. Cons Screen and bezel are too glossy, keyboard bounces when typing. The display hinges are p0e2 on the very left and right and are nicely designed. Dell’s Studio does not follow the shining example set forth for them and consistently draws attention to itself.

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Those who wish to use their laptop in the great outdoors better find themselves a shady place dfll sit. This risk is especially high with the left hand because it actually has to be placed on the loudspeaker for comfortable typing, as the touchpad already begins further to the right.

That’s well suitable for studuo and movies but makes it necessary to scroll frequently in horizontal documents. We even established up to Because Dell has placed the display ports in the rear arealefties should also be well-capable of using a USB mouse.

It’s absolutely great that Dell adds DVDs for the operating system, software and drivers.

Please share our article, every link counts! Only greasy finger leave dark spots, which are easily removed, though. The relatively low system requirements of Modern Warfare 2 are well known and we look forward to the next game. The oldest benchmark, 3DMark, of course ran through our system in no time at all, finished with a rate of points and places itself on the top of the middle field.