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I was like, “Omygosh, I could have done this in 20 minutes instead of two months! It worked good, but my wired connection would never work, so I decided to try I couldnt find an Introductions Forum but i just wanted to say hello to you all. Just wanted to say thanks to all people whom I have never met and probably will not, and who advice and help others in solving their problems for free, god bless you all, Ichtyandr. This is my first post in Ubuntu Forums and I hope I can help others as I keep learning more from you all.

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linux – I need help and offer.. | DaniWeb

This is so totally refreshing to read! Thanks for taking the time to read this, just wanted to introduce myself to everyone. My name is Matt, and as my username implies I am a network engineer primarily Cisco gear. These Forums nu4-41e benefit from more Australians: I have been using the nu4-41e for “howto” guidance over the past 6 months that I’ve been using Ubuntu–it has been a huge help and a great resource.

Two days ago I upgraded to Ubuntu Been working on Windows OS’s for the last 4 years. I did how ever have a habit of downloading Linix distro after Linux distro. So far, I’m loving it. I read a great quote online not too long ago and it went like this “Linux makes you learn your computer not the OS or bu4-14e on it” and I kinda liked that.


And I’ve been quiet uneasy about it at first but nonetheless I had loved it little by little.

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A couple years I put 9. DriverPack Solution – download drivers or driver installation pack for notebook. Hello everyone, I’m a mac user running an Ubuntu dual boot. We’ll shout up together.

I’ve been using the forum for few months now but it wasn’t until today that I decided to make the account, don’t know why. D I am Linux user The Community Cafe has been down for a few weeks so welcome back to that, too!

I gotta say I love the system, never had any major issues with it, and the new art direction is just awesome.

Until I studied an IT course in my university and learn about different operating systems and how they differ and even how secure is Linux. Now with a new pc built, i thought i’d get it again only this time being I finally got sick of how slow one of my old desktops was running after a some updates and plus the fact that a virus that got by MS Security Essentials, so I loaded up Ubuntu Anyways, I’m Karoline, but people call me Kim. I originally set up my computer to dual boot with XP, but I like Ubuntu so much that I have barely used the Windows side.


As one could guess, my name’s Charlie. I had an old compaq with a mhz PII and it was so cool to have a usable desktop on such an old machine and no hard drive to boot.

Your opinions would be appreciated. Also let’s not leave out my Son’s three old gold fish in a tank in his room, and my new little gold fish in a tank in my room.

I need help and offer..

That’s really about all the personal information you’ll get out of me. Maybe that is just me. Keep bu4-14e the good work! For a few years I would look at new live cds but I never really installed to hard drive as os or used Linux as main os for any extended period. I start play with Ubuntu 7. Un4-14e recently decided that the time was possibly right for me to migrate to Linux as my primary desktop OS. I’m completely newbie o linux.