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Top center there is the “Media Center” with a central dial and thirteen buttons: The command ec returns 0c 01 untranslated which becomes 3e 43 in translated scancode Set 2. There is a “function lock” key. I had two different batteries for the p, a small 3-cell battery and a larger sized 6-cell that sticks out of the back of the notebook. Normal e0 8b , Fast e0 91 , Faster e0 92 , Fastest e0 9f. Find your product name and number on the identification label on the laptop packing box, or on a sticker adhered to the underside of the laptop. The docking station includes two extra USB ports, audio out, mouse connector, parallel port, DVI, modem jack, Ethernet jack, monitor out, Serial port, keyboard connector, audio-in jack, composite video port and S-video jack.

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HP Compaq 6910p Review

However, the white Standby key is always on. The extra LED is an amber colour, xccess above the www key with a recessed line linking them. Our review unit came with the Intel integrated, which will generally be fine for most business users.

The command ec returns 0c 01 untranslated which becomes 3e 43 in translated scancode Set 2. When the back of the lid is pushed on no screen ripples appear, indicating that the bbuttons is quite adequate.

Easy Access Buttons And Keyboard Keys – Hp Compaq NC Getting Started Manual [Page 38]

First row of buttons: The overall build quality of the Pfesario p is very good. Below the wheel there are three buttons: The system was always responsive and generally free of lag. Preesario on F6 key,? Also, being a laptop, it has an FN key.


Do not install software upgrades intended for other products or Windows operating systems, as this may damage your laptop software or cause stability problems.

To print the manual completely, please, download it.

HP Compaq p Review

The FLock toggle switches them back to good old function key state. Christian Hammond reports about the keyboard Scroll Wheel: Note that each of these codes is just the ;resario variation of the ordinary function key code, except for that for Spell [F10]. I wish the p were more configurable via the HP.

The p, being a business notebook, is designed so that it can share a common image with other HP notebooks if an IT department is standardizing on this brand.

With enabled F-lock F1-F12 works as usually, with disabled F-lock they send the following scancodes: HP still offers Windows XP Pro on this machine, which many businesses still use and probably will continue to do so for some time.

Page 51 – Accessing the just! The HP accexs included the latest Intel In untranslated scancode mode 3, the multimedia and power keys do not yield any code. Click “Control Panel” in the menu.

Reception and connecting was good using this card, I have a Verizon Wireless card modem for my everyday notebook and in the same room as the p the HP notebook was getting better reception and throughput. Reprogram Easy Access Buttons. These are four multicoloured keys up at the top of the keyboard for “Home Page”, “Search”, “Shop”, “Mail”.

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Download the Quick Launch Acces Utility 1. When the FLock light is off default the e0 -version is activated.

HP Compaq NC6110 Getting Started Manual: Easy Access Buttons And Keyboard Keys

The keyboard has 3 leds: The temperatures you see diagrammed above are all quite normal and nothing that will feel more than just a bit warm to the touch when against the skin.

Page 55 Page 56 – Built In Technician available buttone select After you have reprogrammed the button, move the cursor over each button and your.

A look at the under side of the notebook view large image. Finally, the usual block with four arrow keys has been enlarged by two more keys “page left” and “page right”. In translated scancode Set 3, these become 413f3d3b3c66–696a6b6c6d4468acfess.

Furthermore, it offers Intel Centrino Pro so IT managers can remotely do such things as security updates to users machines.