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I ran a few spot checks at 15 ohms, 80, , and K ohms even if the results are not always shown in the graphs. Anonymous November 7, at 3: Pixel tags also enable us to send email messages in a format customers can read. This works out to 48 mW into 16 ohms, 24 mW into 32 ohms, 9 mW into 80 ohms, 5 mW into ohms and 2. Authorized Cmedia Electronics Inc. Max Output 33 Ohms. I checked on my desktop and those files are on it.

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Cmedia is the worldwide leader in providing USB audio peripheral applications such as USB headsets, handsets, microphones, speakers, and sound stations. Into 33 ohms the distortion is always above 0.

USB audio dongle driver/s not installing – Microsoft Community

But into K it managed mV. I’ve seen some pretty bad mistakes. The steep roll off above 12 Khz is typical of a cheap DAC running at 44 Khz and is due to cost savings in the digital and analog filters and similar to the Micro II.

Follow the rules of Reddit, and observe reddiquette. In reply to R. The last thing I would dm119 before saying c-meia defective is making sure you don’t have Mic boost and Mic volume both maxed out on the device by default. Please note that certain features of the Cmedia website will not be available once cookies are disabled.


In some of our email messages we use a lick-through URL linked to content on the Cmedia website. Its a gold rush. This will likely create significant phase shift in upper audio range.

ModMic 5 + XM (Cmedia CM) noise/buzz : audio

The Subjective vs Objective Debate Most high-end products, to be honest, are a waste of money if you’re buying them with the hope of getting better performance. There are a number of situations in which your personal information may help us give you better service.

I used a 33 ohm load to represent typical portable headphones in the 16 — 80 ohm range and at 10K which is the typical input impedance of many headphone amps, such as the O2and powered speakers. Thanks for showing why the really cheap stuff might be a bad idea.

It may take several seconds. Hey OP, James here from Antlion Audio, first off no this would not be considered normal and yes it could be a defective unit. To everyone else, thanks for the kind c-mdeia. This website may not be linked to or linked from any external website without our express written permission.

That works out to a relatively poor output impedance of 5.

USB audio dongle driver/s not installing

Anonymous November 10, at 4: The third harmonic of nearly —70 dB at hz is the biggest cause for alarm. Cmedia is not responsible for the personally identifiable information you choose to submit in these forums. Moving it to other usb ports does not help.


I have already published a general write up on audiophile myths. As is true of most web sites, we gather certain information automatically and store it in log files. Use the ‘Report’ button to flag comments and posts not in line with redditquette or subreddit rules. NwAvGuy November 3, at c-meida At least the frequency accuracy clock accuracy is very good as shown by the c-mwdia reading on the left. Do I have a faulty device? Naturally, if you notify us that you do not want us to use your information for a particular purpose, we will not do so.

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For this article, you seem to come to two different conclusions though.