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After looking around on the internet I found and ordered this set of adaptor and card. Originally Posted by fgh Do you still get the ‘drive is empty’ message? The various limits come from the filesystem used, just like any other type of drive. Using an earlier version can cause major performance problems. We are going to look at the basic functions of the VDC, which enables 80 column support. He probably doesn’t want to use his second CF card as a “harddrive”, but mainly to exchange data with his PC.

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Amiga PCMCIA Compact Flash / ATA – English Amiga Board

Originally Posted by slyder. You have faulty or bent pins on the Amiga port, causing a bad connection happened to all my As eventually 3. Find More Posts by huepper. Originally Posted by fgh.

Insert reader, turn computer on, insert card. Find More Posts by fgh. I installed the drivers.

The tool to use is an Amiga command-line tool called adf2disk. Tue Dec 19, Games images which need to be WHDified abime. When I format the 1. You can find out more, including how to opt out of using cookies pcmia this website, by reading our full cookie policy. Thank you in advance.


The set also c Mon Dec 18, 9: A sister site to Lemon Just because a card works on the IDE port doesn’t mean it will work on the pcmcia port. This took me some time to figure out, but this is the complete procedure to follow: For a while I thought the reader might just be defective, but what I did on step 6 above seems to indicate its working fine. Results 1 to 10 of However, please keep in mind that you have to keep the 2GB limit for a single volume.

This is important as it will then show you the important ‘L’ directory which you will need later. The mountlist has to be manually configured for that to work, and then standard removable cards will no longer be recognised. You ought to try a smaller CF card first?!?

I’ve ordered an SD to CF adapter, hopefully that will be arriving sometime next week. Mon Dec 18, I’ tried a 1. Acid Master of Amiga Joined: Also, I found out that newer USB floppy drives do not support the formatting of disks at KB capacity so use a standard, built-in PC floppy drive for this.


Problems with PCMCIA & CF cards

You normally cannot use a CF card that is bigger than 2GB, so the driver may simply reject it because of your volume being 4GB. Check the pcmciw thread in EAB: Did you format it properly? Put the unpacked files onto the floppy and move back to your Amiga. Find More Posts by carloratm. Find More Posts by Akira.